About Romie

I wanna welcome you to this page, “About Romie”. Please feel free to look round as I will be updating this page from time to time. I want to also be truthful. I am not a Internet Guru. I am not an Internet super star. I am most certainly not a great writer. I am a regular Family Man with a regular life. With some very Big  Dreams & Goals. The intention of this blog is help people that have the same mind set as I do and  that mind set is, Financial Freedom. “  life changing event The information that you find on, Birds of a Feather Flock Together” is for the man or woman that have worked long enough for trading their time for money. For the person that is tired of working long hours and overtime while their family is growing up and they are stuck behind a desk, at a construction site, at a cash register dealing with the public. I believe not everyone wants to work for themselves or be their own boss and I respect their point of view. I also have great respect for the bosses I have worked for and am currently working for. They have the company they have because they took risks. They went out and worked long hours and invested many resources  to create  the jobs that employe many people today. My props to them. That is great but I want to target and connect with the people that don’t want another J.O.B. I want to connect with that man or woman that want freedom to do what ever,  go where ever, when ever they want to. To head toward a position where we don’t have to show up at a location to make money and say, ” Here is my eight hours and you give me money”. If your reading this and If your like me. I want to be here at home and do stuff here at my house. I want to take my kids to school. Not leave in the morning when it’s still dark and come home when it’s dark. Thanks to the Internet it doesn’t have to be like that anymore. We don’t have to be with the wishful thinking, saying, ” I wish I would win the Lottery”. Or, ” I wish a rich uncle would die so I could inherit the money”.  All we need  to start  is a Dream a goal. What is your dream? What are your goals? What we need to get ahead is to simply, Start. So I have made this blog for you, the person who desires more time, freedom, no more debt, more money, more money  to give to church, to give to charity, to help family members, to have money left over till  Monday  But most of all this page is to Help Others Succeed. It doesn’t matter if you have low money right now. The systems I am working with some of them are FREE if not very low  to join. Don’t get me wrong if you want to be free it is going to cost you something. It will not be easy. It is hard work. People will try to discourage you and say, “It’s a scam” or “It’s a pyramid scheme” ” Just get a job”. But there is no such thing as victory if there is not a battle! The payout is Big if you will not quit. Thank you for visiting my blog. And remember, ” Joy is Multiplied when it is divided” Share this post with someone. So here is what I am working with ==>>iPAS2<==  Click the link and watch  the short video! Here is                                           ==>The Power Lead System<== Please connect with me on fb                ==>> Facebook<===

The waiting room

Join my team & let’s kick 2015 Butt!

Your friend Ramiro ( Romie)


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